Philip and Ronald's books.

Reaching for the Divine


 “Reaching for the Divine” is a serious manual for anyone remotely interested in life after death. For anyone who has lost someone close to them, this can be a very traumatic experience indeed. It also enables you to work with your Spirit Guides and helps you understand the mechanics of clairvoyance and how it works. “Reaching for the Divine” not only covers subjects on how to understand the Spirit World’s language, but enables you to become a conduit between the two worlds too. The author is a professional working medium and teacher on he subject of After Life Communications. This book is a must for anyone searching to establish the true power of themselves and how they can “Reach For The Divine”. Philip Kinsella is the author of numerous articles on the paranormal and has appeared on radio and television. He has also spent two decades studying the UFO subject. 

Sky Crash Throughout Time


 Contains new previously unpublished material. The UFO encounter at Rendlesham in 1980 is world famous and is considered England’s Roswell. Brenda Butler – the original investigator into the UFO crash and Philip Kinsella, a renowned medium and UFO investigator have worked together to produce this fascinating investigative book. Starting with Brenda Butler’s early life and UFO experiences, the book goes on to discuss what happened at Rendlesham Forest, Brenda’s research and the results of her investigation. This leads on to a conspiracy at high government and military levels. Of particular interest is the case of David Daniels, the ‘Lizard Man’ or ‘Spy’ who met with Brenda and top ranking officials who were involved with the Rendlesham case and his mysterious disappearance. Brenda’s on-going experiences with the aliens commonly known as the Greys, the theories of abductions, near death experiences and alien incarnation are all discussed. What are the aims of the Greys? Are they ourselves coming back from a future to correct our eventual demise as a species? The authors look at the facts and theories and why the British and American governments were (and still are) at pains to bury the whole Rendlesham incident. We, the people have been fed a lie and the facts distorted. Could the real reason have nearly started a war between Russia , the USA and Britain? 

Believe: A Ground-breaking Theory Which Bridges the Gap Between the Psychic and UFO Phenomena


 UFOs have been ridiculed for decades, even when we are presented with the facts through hundreds and thousands of eye-witness accounts across the world. The same can be said for clairvoyants and their ability to commune with seemingly dead people. They have suffered under the hammer of rational thought. There can be no such things as UFOs or contact with our loved ones from the Other Side. Why are many so against these thoughts? What do we fear in allowing ourselves to open our minds to other dimensions? Philip Kinsella is a widely acclaimed clairvoyant, he has also had personal UFO experiences. Within this book Philip takes us on a journey to show us that something incredibly strange is happening to people, and so-called experts merely push such stories and experiences aside as pure fantasy. He says he would agree with them, if he had not had proof himself and gone through a similar experience as so many others have done with regards to UFO contact. The real reason we are not told about the validity of UFO contact is that we are dealing with more than just your average nuts-and-bolts crafts, and that a soul issue is also raised with regards to what these Greys are and where they really come from. Philip has researched UFOs for more than twenty years, and over that time an incredible realisation has occurred to him – we are ‘definitely’ not alone. 

The Ungodly Agenda


 Missing… Something..? But what, and where on Earth is it..? The Rakonians, an ancient and formidable extra-terrestrial force have come to Earth to reclaim what is rightfully theirs, and the US military have put their elite team on the job to assist in the mission. Professor Carole Mason, a pioneer in her field, Satellite Surveillance, is sent to create an innovative programme that will see the team successfully complete the mission. However, during this time, Professor Mason discovers that her programme and her technology is being manipulated by the alien force in a revenge attack – a revenge which involves another sinister secret which this missing artefact of theirs promises to purge. Intelligence, technology and speed are of the essence as the Rakonians grow impatient… And negotiation is futile… 

The Rock Bottom Twins


 Identical twin brothers are on the brink of bankruptcy. Being clever but lazy, they build a mechanical man to start as a cleaner in the hope of earning them money, though their dastardly plan backfires with hilarious but dire consequences. 

The Rock Bottom Twins & The Nakkubatty Mission


 Ronald & Philip Kinsella are identical twin brothers. The idea for this story came to them when they recalled arriving in Africa to live as children. Expecting to land in a jungle, they were disappointed to find concrete and buildings upon departing the aircraft. “Where are the lions and elephants?” they thought. “And where’s the jungle?” This story has been inspired from that moment and although they never ventured into the wilderness of such tropical splendours (or horrors!) their imaginations set about composing an alternative world. 

The Rise Of Ramshack


  Bungling twin brothers, Boogle and Buff Kings-Million, are in serious trouble! Having built a robotic man to work and earn them plenty of money, their lazy and dark-hearted plan backfires with serious consequences! RAMSHACK, a marvel of science, has become smart and, not only smart, but extremely devious.

With the tables now turned on the brothers, this sequel from 'THE ROCK BOTTOM TWINS' plunges them straight into chaos, as they are prisoners in their own household. Titan and Tinker, two huge monstrous guards, keep them in check while their master, Emperor RAMSHACK, devises a plot to rid the world of humans and to create a new one filled with his kin.

However, there is a spark of heroism brewing in the twins as they seek to escape their rambling mansion and to enlist the help of an unlikely neighbour; that of an old farmer. Together, they plan to destroy the very monster they created and to restore order before RAMSHACK can crush London ... and the world! 

Twin Souls


 Ronald Kinsella is the twin brother of the author and award-winning Medium Philip Kinsella. In this book he highlights incidents that changed his perception of life. From extra terrestrial encounters to conversations with Spirit, this account spans his struggle in coming to terms with alternative worlds and dimensions. This book is not about intrtigue or a selfish way of exploiting an alian encounter, along with spiritual matters and coincidences that cannot possibly be coincidences. No, this is about the power of the unknown and how it subtly found its way into both Ronal¹s and Philip¹s lives. It may inspire people to look at themselves and re-evaluate, if necessary, their way of thinking once they have read about the trials we both faced, along with the wonderment of the unexplained. 'Twin Souls is a book that will offer you hope. Having read it, I was left feeling intrigued by the events that occurred during Ronald¹s experiences, though not surprised. Having researched the UFO subject for decades, I am utterly convinced that mankind, as a whole, is - and has been - visited by advanced beings from other worlds and dimensions, and that civilisation must look upon this phenomena as a reality, rather than a laughable dinnertable topic' Brenda Butler, co-author of 'ŒSky Crash' 

Magnus the Micro-Mutt and the Pharaoh's Curse


 Princess Athena has a birthday surprise she’ll never forget! Living in the mid-21st Century, she – along with her mechanical sidekick ‘Magnus the Micro-Mutt’ – take a trip to Egypt where it is rumoured that an archaeological team are unearthing the apparent remains of a creature… a creature not of this world!

Determined to seek out the elusive dig, Athena and Magnus find more than they bargained for upon locating the tomb and quickly realise that the infamous alien is not dead, rather… suspended in hibernation.

Carelessly interrupting the extra-terrestrial’s slumber, Lord Sakkara is resurrected and his dreadful presence casts a shadow over the land.

It is up to Athena, Magnus and their handsome bodyguard, Captain Bailey, to confront the beast and to stop him from resuming command over planet Earth. 

A PASSAGE THROUGH ETERNITY: The enigma of the dead, UFOs and aliens


 What are we? Where do we come from? Is there life-after-death, UFOs and aliens? This book is a personal exploration into these subjects, along with a theoretical model of how we came into being. We are not merely flesh-and-blood creatures with a sell-by date. Our spirituality has been suppressed for long enough. This book explores these topics and more. 



 A journalist, obsessed with a wealthy and handsome young man of political importance, pushes her own luck when she is apprehended by him and questioned. It becomes clear to her that this mysterious individual is more powerful than first anticipated as Pamela Hargreaves is threatened with dire consequences should she continue to pursue David Silverberg. He shows her something ugly to thwart her investigations and it is this, and this alone, which spearheads her determination in exposing the man for the monster he really is. David Silverberg is not human and his evolving powers, spreading across the globe like a contagious infection, reach diabolical proportions as he instigates a master plan conceived by none other than King Lucifer himself!